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If you had had a mental inventory, you would have already lost it. But now, we can turn back to this list and look at it again, for it holds the key to the future. Before I looked at my resentments to see what those people had done to me. In that state, the wrongdoing of others, fancied or real, had power to actually kill.

Nobody tells me what to do. I make my own decisions. If they control my thinking, they effectively control my decisions and my actions and my entire life.

I always thought I controlled my thinking, my decisions, my actions and my entire life, Acheter Des Pilules De Paxil 10 mg Génériques. I realize today that I never did. I did not know that until took this inventory.

Resentments come from self-will. Self cannot overcome self.

Acheter Des Pilules De Paxil 10 mg Génériques

We have these three columns there and we read them across. We can learn a lot about them. We can analyze them.

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Only when we get them down on paper can we analyze them. This is sort of like a little computer. You have the first column down. If the name is down, you can extract the cause. Once we get the cause, we can trace the cause and find out which part of self it affects.

Supporting Iowans Working to Develop, Enhance, and Utilize our Iowa Water Trails.

Then for the first time we can get a pretty good picture of the truth of the resentment. They look stupid on paper.

So we get rid of them. There will be some, however, that will dig into, especially with those deep-seated resentments. Bill suggests that we use prayer on those deep-seated resentments. There is no way that you can enter into a relationship with God and the communion with God in prayer about the well-being of another individual and at the same time continue to resent him.

One will remove the other.

There is no way. In the program we tend to focus on the Third Step and Seventh Step Prayers and hardly anyone ever mentions the Fourth Step Prayer that appears on page 67, paragraph 1. The Fourth Step Prayer is the prayer you should be praying. But if you follow these simple instructions and do what this book says, I guarantee you can get rid of resentments and God can direct your thinking in that area of your life.

As noted earlier, it is a spiritual axiom that when I am disturbed, no Acheter Des pilule De Paxil 10 mg Génériques what the cause, there is something wrong with me. Take the following action: For each person, institution or principle and for each event, ask yourself, where have I been: Lacking honesty, willful perversion of the truth, stealing, cheating, or defrauding.

Lying by omission; even people pleasing is living a lie. Fear excited by sudden danger; alarm. State of habit of fearing; anxious concern about losing something I already have or not getting something that I want.

Answer the following questions for each item in column two in the space provided or on the back of your worksheet or on a separate piece of paper.

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This will help in sharing with your sponsor in Step Five. What did I do initially to get the ball rolling? How could I have done things differently? Continue to read Page 67, Paragraph 3.

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