Essay science is a blessing or curse

It is now indispensable for studying different types of germs and examining the blood and so on. Science has been used very effectively in improving the agricultural production. Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and different essays science is a blessing or curse of irrigation are all the blessings of science.

In the field of entertainment too, science has made an unbelievably rapid progress. First we had silent movies, and then came talkies in black and white. About three decades ago our movies became colourful. Thanks to the T. Today we can see in the privacy and comfort of our house a cricket or a football match, being played anywhere in the world.

We see important events, occurring in different countries, flashed almost simultaneously on our T. Science has made a very useful contribution to our world. Scientists sacrifice years of their life finding new things for the benefit of mankind, but sadly and unfortunately these are often misused.

Thus essays science is a blessing or curse and bombs have been invented that has been used in the past and is being used in the present time for destruction. It brought instant death to millions of people and made a far greater number of innocent civilians crippled for life within no time. Thus, science, if it is misused, can easily be a deadly curse and the worst of all the foes to man. The boons and blessings of science assure us further strengthening of human equality, fraternity and liberty.

Man feels more safe, secure, comfortable and important. Today than ever before, because of scientific development and advancement. The day is not far off when we shall have colonies on the moon and the planets. Science has achieved much, and promises to achieve still more and more in the years to come. Now there are no more essays science is a blessing or curse, epidemics and pestilences.

But science has been a mixed blessing. It has been a boon and blessing in certain fields; it has also proved a curse and bane in many others. It has given us many dangerous and destructive weapons like atom and hydrogen bombs and missiles.

During the second world War itselfpeople died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the USA dropped atom bombs there in The bombs and other means of mass destruction now produced are far more lethal and powerful than used in The biological and essay science is a blessing or curse weapons are still more dangerous and destructive.

They have the added advantage, as the source of attack can remain hidden and unidentified to a great extent.

These weapons can be used to declaration of war. Then there are well- organized terrorist groups spread all over the world. They use these weapons in their desperation and sue unprecedented deaths and ruination.

Shakespeare has that there is nothing either good or bad, but essay science is a blessing or curse makes it so. There have been many scientific researches and essays science is a blessing or curse which have unfortunately been hijacked to harmful destructive paths.

It is reported that about half a million scientists are now employed on weapon research through hour the world. It is alleged that the outbreak of plague in India in was genetically engineered. Obviously, science is being used so much for destructive purpose and so little for meeting real needs of humanity. This turns science into a bane. It is man who is ultimately responsible for turning science into a curse instead a blessing.

The misuse of science has ushered in our life many undesirable elements. Morality and ethics have been marginalized and materialism has increased unprecedented. Rapidunplanned and indiscriminate industrialization has resulted in pollution on a vast scale. No doubtscience and technology has taken essay science is a blessing or curse strides in recent times, but buy cheap dissertation online has dehumanized human life in the same proportion.

Human values have been pushed in the background and man has become more selfish, cruelsensual, violent and destructive. There is no more simple living and high thinking. But let us hope that ultimately sanity prevails and science is used more and more for the benefit of mankind. It depends solely upon man himself how he uses science and its discoveries and researches. Science as knowledge and power is neither savior nor destroyer.

We cannot live without science in the modern world. Science can be called one of the greatest blessings of this age.

We owe all our progress to it. Today we can go round the globe in a matter of hours. Inventions such as washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner, dishwasher and geyser eating healthy essay paper our lives easy.

Television, cinema and compact discs have changed the entertainment industry. Thousands of lives are saved every day due to the progress of medical science.

It is impossible to run a company or a factory without a computer. We can also say that computers are the greatest invention of modern age. Nuclear weapons can destroy our planet several times over. We must resolve to use it only to make life better for man. We essay science is a blessing or curse also not pollute our planet or cut trees any more.

We essay science is a blessing or curse not build any more arms until every man has food on his plate. In this way, we can build a better world. Science is, at its heart, a quest; a quest whose goal is to create an understanding of the universe.

In fact, science attempts to quantify reality. It does this in many ways; through experimentation and observation, through theorizing and testing. This quest has been undergoing since the birth of mankind and yet the further we go the further away the end of the quest seems to be. Despite this, it has been theorized that man will eventually understand the universe Why i want to study economics essay science and its relentless quest for knowledge.

Not only has it been said that this is likely, but it has been said that this understanding lies mere decades away from the present. Is this possible, not only mere decades from the present, but is it possible, at all, to achieve an understanding of the universe?

The extended answer, however, takes a little more time. First, to begin the answer to this question, it is necessary to understand what is meant by understanding the universe.

Science A Curse Or A Blessing Essay – Part 2

Well, in the realm of science, understanding the essay science is a blessing or curse would probably entail the creation of a TOE Theory of Everything. The TOE is to the theoretical physicist as the holy grail was to King Arthur; it is the most desirable peak of achievement.

To the uninitiated, a TOE is a theorem that explains, literally, everything, from the motion of israeli-palestinian conflict thesis statement of black essays science is a blessing or curse and the motion of galaxies.

The TOE would, in effect, explain the behaviour and nature of everything in the universe. It could, in effect be a way through which we could understand the universe and it has been theorized that such a theory is not far away.


Does Optus business plan 60 theory, however, if it is created, indicate that we do understand in full, the nature of the universe. The answer is, simply Put, no; not in any regards at all.

First of all, the creation of a TOE that works does not even mean that it is right. It is possible that any formula created may function out of mere coincidence instead of out of profound truth. However, this in no way means that everyone understands this and, in essay science is a blessing or curse, it is improbable that anyone can even begin to imagine this speed.

Thus, how can we hope to derive understanding out of a formula that would be almost infinitely more complicated then a mere number? The answer is, of course, that most of us, if not all, could not begin to understand such a formula much less its implications or meanings. Why, however, can we not hope to understand such essays science is a blessing or curse Are we not sane, rational beings?

Well, to put it simply, human beings seem far to simple to actually understand the universe in all of its entirety, even if it is reduced to a formula.

It has been theorized that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies each containing an equal number of solar systems. How could a human mind, being comprised such a tiny amount of brain cells, hope to understand something so big? The fact is that there is such a limited capacity in the human mind that such understanding almost unequivocally escapes us.

But it is not an unmixed blessing. There are several disadvantages of science. However, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. In the early stages of civilization, man used to be scared of the natural forces.

The way a new invention is used makes it good or bad. The same is the case with science. It plays a very important and useful role in our life and can be a friend, or a foe according to the way it is used. Science tries to explain the principles behind natural phenomena, and scientists for long have.

Thunder, storm and lightning frightened him. He used to worship every object of nature-sky, earth, trees, air, sun and moon. Even animals were worshipped. It was because man could not understand the natural phenomena and he wanted to keep those forces happy. So he did that by bowing before them. He believed that if he kept those forces happy, they would not hurt him.

He was, in short, a slave of nature. But today, man has become the master of nature. His area of knowledge is vast, his power over nature immense. His mastery of the sky and the earth is nearly complete. The essay science is a blessing or curse and essay science is a blessing or curse objects no longer fill man with fear. The earth holds few secrets not known to man. How has this tremendous change come about? Consequently, expansion liberalization among the nations.

Consequently, there is a new world economic order in sight and the gap essay science is a blessing or curse the developed and developing countries are being reduced? Science has also provided us with many means of education and entertainment. Consequently, there is a new world economic order in sight and the gap between the developed and developing countries are being reduced.


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